Why Blog? - Inspired to Get Started Again

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." 
- Mahatma Gandhi

Last night I was able to participate in the second half of the ECET2 Twitter Chat immediately after I left the kids with mom to finish up our nightly bedtime rituals. (Read Stall-tactics if you have kids.) It was an early bedtime for the boyts after a weekend of them all being up later than they probably should, but that is not the inspiration for this post.

Sunday nights do not typically allow me the time or energy to jump into Twitter for a fast paced Twitter chat no matter how interested I am in the topic. The topic questions all focused on blogging as an educator. If you take a look at the archives of this Blog you might notice that I don't appear to be a very active blogger.  (Not my first go around at blogging, but the first one I've come back to.) It was not a topic I expected to engage in, but when I opened my Twitter feed their were a couple of posts that caught my interested and I was hooked.

Here are the first Tweets that caught my attention:

I quickly became fully engaged in the conversation and before I realized the conversation shifted in my direction and I committed to becoming a blogger again.

I love being a teacher because I love learning. I also love sharing what I learn because I believe that I always get back more than I give. Twitter has been my outlet for a larger audience, but I realized that last night it was not enough. I am convinced that I can using Blogging as another tool to share and learn.

It will take me some time to land on the best direction for this blog, but until then I will enjoy the journey. Thank you to everyone who inspired me. Feel free to let me know what you think at anytime.

Check out ECET2 on Twitter for some inspiration for yourself.

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