Thursday, May 19, 2016

Polling Students in Google Classroom - Quick Formative Assessment

Google classroom has become a powerful tool in many EdTech toolboxes. Since the Google for Education release of Classroom, it has quickly become a go-to tool for digital communication and paperless classrooms. 

Classroom's communication features include:
  1. Posting Announcements (Links, videos, and attachments)
  2. Posting Assignments (Links, videos, and attachments)
  3. Posting Google Forms (Polls and Assessments)
  4. Posting Discussion Questions (Backchannel and Exit Slips)
  5. Paperless distribution and collection of activities.  
Google recently updated the question feature in Google Classroom to include multiple choice questions. This will be a great tool for to collect formative data from students. The Google for Education Blog posted these 4 suggestions for ways to use the new polling options:
  • Post exit tickets
  • Help students self-monitor
  • Guide student discussions
  • Get feedback on your lesson from students.
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