What are the Essential Skills for an #EdTech Coach?

"If you were given the chance to develop and Ed Tech coach certificate - what college courses would it need to have?"

My first thought is to not focus on the tech tools when I explore this question. I know that sometimes the wow factor of a tool can be a great hook, but wow only carries one so far. For example, my Masters in Instructional Technology courses seemed to primarily focus on some "cool" tools and less on the pedagogy connected to good teaching. Today, most of the tools I explored no longer exist but good teaching is still good teaching. (Ever heard of HyperStacks? I am not sure I remember what these do, but I remember the name.)

Today, I try to always start support educators by asking why questions. If we don't know why we are doing something, I always wonder why we are trying to add tech to do it differently? We then explore how you might approach your goals without tech in the equation. Once we have a pedagogical plan, we can add some EdTech to the recipe.

I always try to emphasize that the best EdTech does not have the power to make a bad lesson great. It can even sometimes make a good lesson not so great. Great teaching must always come first or the power of instructional technology is most likely wasted time.
I hate wasting time!
Here are a few of the resources that might help EdTech and Instructional Coaches support teachers and students.
Here are a few additional resources that might support building a Coaching Mindset.
What courses/concepts/skills/resources do you think are essential for an #EdTech Coach's Mindset?

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