Google Apps Connected to Google Drive

Google Drive Apps are web-based applications (programs) that are designed to be used on with Google Drive. These apps add functionality to Google Drive. The apps add various features to the Drive interface, ranging from advanced file management tools to utilities that let you edit things beyond basic documents and spreadsheets.

Below is a Collection of Recommended Apps Connected to Google Drive to Support Teachers and Students

Learn More About Using Google Drive Apps

Google Drive apps are available in the Chrome Web Store, but they can also be added in in Google Drive. Once you install them, you can use them with Google Drive on the web. Apps are compatible with all supported browsers.


1. Login to your Google Drive using the Chrome Browser or a Chromebook.

2. Left Click on button the and scroll down and left click on + Connect more apps

3. A new window will pop up to Connect apps to Drive


You can browse popular Drive Apps on this screen.

Scrolling over a Drive App Logo will roll over a window with a brief description.

You can search for apps by name or topic.

The Drop Down allows you to browse Drive Apps by topic. The Education category is a great place to find some useful Apps.

4. Click on the button to add an App to your Google Drive.

5. A pop-up window will confirm your selection. Leave the Make (Name of App) the default app for files it can open checked and click . The App will now appear in the New drop-down menu in Google Drive.

6. You can now find the App in Drive by clicking on  button and scrolling down to more.

Manage Google Drive apps
1. In Google Drive, from the settings menu , select Manage apps.

2. Check the box Use by default for files it can open.

3. Uninstall a Google Drive app

You can uninstall a Google Drive app at any time. When you uninstall, your files will still be accessible in Google Drive, but you’ll no longer be able to use the app.

Find the app in the list and click the Options button.

Select Disconnect from Drive.

In most cases, uninstalling a Google Drive app will remove its access to files in your Google Drive. Go to the "Authorizing applications & sites" section of to double check.

Additional Tips for opening files in Google Drive

If you don’t set a default, you can open a file with an app by right-clicking its title in Google Drive.

If you’ve set a default and you’d like to open a particular file with a different app, right-click its title in Google Drive and select an alternate app.

If two apps use the same file type (for example, you’ve installed two apps that both let you read PDF files), the app most recently selected as default will be the default.

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