Teaching and Learning Book Recommendations From My PLN

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow." - William Pollard

The best educators are not content do the same old thing year after year. Innovative educators push their thinking by engaging in social media, exploring blogs, attending conferences, and even reading the newest generation of educational books. This site is about the incredible books my PLN reads and explores to learn and grow as educators. We will do our best to update these resources as new books are recommended and become available.

We've created a site to organize and share some great books connected to teaching and learning. The site connects teachers to recommended books in the categories below. We placed each recommended book in 1 category, but we realize that many of the books stretch across multiple categories.

  • EdTech - Popular books connected to best practices in instructional technology.
  • G Suite - Popular books connected to Google for Education.
  • Innovation - Popular books exploring innovative teaching practices.
  • Inquiry - Popular books connected to inquiry in the classroom.
  • Leadership - Popular books connected to educational leadership.
  • Spaces - Popular books connected to classroom design and Makerspaces.
  • More - Popular books connected to everything else in education.

Teaching and Learning - Book Recommendations from Recharge Learning

If you have a favorite educational book that we've missed, please consider adding it to this Padlet or in the comments below. 

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