Some of Our Favorite Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Chromebook keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys and clicks that can be used to perform specific actions, such as taking a screenshot. Knowing some of the shortcuts listed below can help enhance the efficiency of a Chromebook.

If you are using a Chromebook you can also press ctrl+alt+? to see a map of these shortcuts directly on the screen.

Explore These Keyboard Shortcuts
Caps lock (On / Off)
alt +
Change screen resolution
ctrl + shift and + or -
Reset to default
ctrl + shift + 0 (zero)
Copy highlighted text
ctrl + c
Cut highlighted text
ctrl + x
alt + backspace
File manager
alt + shft + m
Lock screen
ctrl + shift + l
Log off
ctrl + shift + q
ctrl + v
Screenshot full page*
ctrl +
Screenshot selected area*
ctrl +shift +
Then click and drag area to be copied.
ctrl + z
ctrl + shift +z
Reopen Browser Tabs
ctrl +shift + t

Task Manager
+ escape

*Screenshots are automatically saved in the File Manager of the Chromebook

More Keyboard Shortcuts

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