What Inspires Me? - Spoiler Alert: It Is Not Having Summers Off

Spring Break is upon many of us and my friends and family outside of education have already started to give me some grief about having a week off. I don't even try to explain to them anymore about the pros and cons of having my vacations scheduled for me. It did get me thinking about how much I love being an educator. ("Summers off" is not one of the reasons.) My reflections combined with a recent thread started by Simon Helton in the ISTE Community got me thinking about why I teach.

Before I dive too deep into my thoughts I need to confess something, this may be a reason for you to run from this post, but I have to get this off my chest.
I like, no I love Mondays! I am also typically not a fan of Fridays! Call me crazy, but this is who I am. I love coming back to school for each new week of teaching and learning. 
We all have days where teaching and learning can be a grind, but even on the darkest of days I cannot imagine myself on a different path. I love teaching for many reasons and if you ask me tomorrow this list will change. Today these are the top 5 things that inspire me as an educator.
  • My students | I never know where they will take me?
  • My colleagues | I never know how they will inspire me?
  • Creating | What will I create or remix today to support teachers and learners?
  • Learning | What new questions will be discovered today and where will they lead me?
  • Mistakes | How can a tweak or make some better if it is not working the way I hoped?
If I was to summarize what inspires me in one sentence:
  • Questions, not answers inspire me. #lifelonglearner 
You can explore the thread and share your own inspirations, but before closing this post I wanted to share a few replies the thread that I love! (You need to sign in to ISTE see all the responses.)

Hope to see you all at the ISTE Conference this summer?

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