What Inspires Me? - Spoiler Alert: It Is Not Having Summers Off

Spring Break is upon many of us and my friends and family outside of education have already started to give me some grief about having a week off. I don't even try to explain to them anymore about the pros and cons of having my vacations scheduled for me. It did get me thinking about how much I love being an educator. ("Summers off" is not one of the reasons.) My reflections combined with a recent thread started by Simon Helton in the ISTE Community got me thinking about why I teach.

Before I dive too deep into my thoughts I need to confess something, this may be a reason for you to run from this post, but I have to get this off my chest.
I like, no I love Mondays! I am also typically not a fan of Fridays! Call me crazy, but this is who I am. I love coming back to school for each new week of teaching and learning. 
We all have days where teaching and learning can be a grind, but even on the darkest of days I cannot imagine myself on a different path. I love teaching for many reasons and if you ask me tomorrow this list will change. Today these are the top 5 things that inspire me as an educator.
  • My students | I never know where they will take me?
  • My colleagues | I never know how they will inspire me?
  • Creating | What will I create or remix today to support teachers and learners?
  • Learning | What new questions will be discovered today and where will they lead me?
  • Mistakes | How can a tweak or make some better if it is not working the way I hoped?
If I was to summarize what inspires me in one sentence:
  • Questions, not answers inspire me. #lifelonglearner 
You can explore the thread and share your own inspirations, but before closing this post I wanted to share a few replies the thread that I love! (You need to sign in to ISTE see all the responses.)

Hope to see you all at the ISTE Conference this summer?


  1. Thanks for sharing...it caused me to reflect! Just leaving the classroom to become an instructional coach, my inspiration has expanded. Teachers & students inspire me to learn every day, push myself outside of my comfort zone, & to take risks and jump into the learning pit. Without the support of my tribe & inspiration from teachers & students, I would not have the courage to do what I do every day.

  2. Thank you for taking engaging in this post. I love that you have expanded you inspiration to include both students and teachers.


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