Summer Learning - Lifelong Learners Wanted

It is ok to take care of yourself before taking care of others. 

Have you started a countdown to summer break? How will you grow as a teacher and learner this summer?

Teachers work hard. Many of us work too hard. We do deserve a break. We deserve to escape our scheduled lives this summer. It is ok to disconnect and take a break during the summer, but the best educators are life-long learners. They do not spend the entire summer disengaged from learning. 

How will you recharge this summer, but still find the time to grow as a teacher and leader? This post has some tips and resources to support educators as lifelong learners this summer.

Attend a Local Conference
Find at least one conference this summer to attend, learn, and make new connections. Maybe even challenge yourself to present somewhere? If you can't attend, mark your calendar and jump into the Hashtag during the conference. Here are a few local conferences I will be attending as both a learner and a facilitator. 

Enroll in a Face to Face or Online Class
Sometimes it is important to become a student again and engage in a curriculum lead by another educator. The type of class doesn't necessarily matter as long as you are learning something new. One of my favorite experiences as an adult learner has been the EdTechTeams Teacher Leader Cohorts. I am even jumping into the Teacher Leader 2 Course this summer. Here are some great online courses you might want to explore. 

Make Connections & Share Ideas
If you are already engaged in Twitter, Facebook, Voxer, Google + or someplace else as a learner, set aside an hour or two each week to learn something new. If you have not taken a dive in social learning why not get started this summer? Here are a few resources to help:

Read a Book Connected to Teaching and Learning
Educators are writing some incredible books. Find a book that catches your interest and explore. Here are a few resources to help:

Explore Blogs Connected to Teaching and Learning
Many educational blogs slow down a bit over the summer, but most keep posting. You can always set aside an hour each week to explore the archives of a favorite blog. You might even consider starting your own blog? Blogging is a great tool for reflection. Here are a few resources to help:

Bonus: Find a good Podcast, Listen and Learn. Matt Miller has a great list of Podcasts under number 3 in this post

What summer learning tips do you have for educators?

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