Curiosity Matters - Exploring the Power of Curiosity in Education

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.Walt Disney

I recently read an Atlantic Post from about a year ago, "Schools Are Missing What Matters Most About Learning". The article connects academic success to curiosity. This article inspired me to update some of our Curiosity Resources

I have personally always struggled with my High School Students when it comes to curiosity. Many have a hard time doing more than completing tasks to earn points, and that is where the learning often ends for them.  Despite this, I've never stopped giving my students time to explore what their own curiosity. Our Curiosity Website has been built and updated to support Curiosity in Education. The site includes the following pages: 
  • Curiosity - Resources and websites to support creative exploration and student choice. 
  • Activities - Activities and ideas connected to student choice and curiosity in the classroom. 
  • #CuriosityQs - Question of the week for educators and students. Share your why!
  • Books - Recommend books connected to inquiry and curiosity in education. 
  • Explore - Books, videos, and websites connected to curiosity and inquiry.
If you have a chance to take a look and provide feedback in the comments below, I sure would appreciate hearing your voice. 

We also have a Curiosity and Inquiry Flipgrid topic if you are interested in sharing your voice about curiosity in the classroom. 
(Password: ShareYourWhy)

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