Tuesday Tip - 3 Ways to Insert Images in Google Docs

Happy Tuesday! This week's tip is connected to finding and inserting images in Google Docs

Did you know there are several different ways you can insert images in a Google Doc without ever leaving the Doc?

Use the Insert Menu
The Insert Menu allows you to pull images from a variety of resources, including:
  • Upload images from the computer.
  • Search the web and insert images.
  • Insert images  from Drive
  • Insert images from Google Photos
  • Insert images By URL
  • Insert images directly from your Camera
Learn more about inserting images on this Google Help Page

Use the Explore Tool
The explore button is in the bottom right corner of a Google Doc.
  • Click on the explore button.
  • Enter a search term, search, and then click on images.
  • You can then drag the image directly into the doc.
Matt Miller has a great post about using the explore post with students. 

Use the Keep Notepad
If you have images or icons that you like to use regularly, The Google Keep Notepad is a great tool.
  • You'll need to create some image notes in Google Keep. If you've never done this before, this page will help. 
  • I recommend pinning the image notes in Google Keep to make them easier to find. The Keep Notepad is also searchable. 
  • You can open up the Keep Notepad in the Tools menu. Learn more about Keep Notepad here
  • Images or text can be dragged directly from Keep Notepad into your document. 

Looking for Icons?
One of my favorite Google Docs Add-ons is the Noun Project. Add icons without leaving your workflow No need to download—just insert icons right from Slides or Docs, perfect for your next project.

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