Google Drive Essentials

Whether you are just getting started with Google Drive or have used it for years, there is always something new to learn. We've put together some Google Drive Essential Tips. Click on the links below to learn more.

Get the most out of your Google Drive experience by signing into Chrome. 
  • Login
    Login to Chrome to access all Google resources with one sign in. 
  • Account Sync
    Connect preferences and extensions across devices.
  • Incognito
    Login on shared computers for quick access. 
  • Adding/Removing a User
    Sometimes it is good to have multiple accounts logged in, sometimes it can be trouble. 
Getting help is only a few clicks away.
One of the best things about Google Drive is the ability to share and collaborate on files.
Organizing your drive or searching for files? The choice is yours. 
  • Naming Files - Be Consistent and complete. Long is not wrong. 
  • Sorting - Take advantage of sorting options to find recent files. 
  • Symbols - Add Symbols to add favorite folders to the top of the sort. 
  • Emojis - Add Emojis to group essentials folders or docs. 
  • Colors - Color code folders for quick visual cues. 
  • Star - Create a group of favorites. 
  • Search - Google is a search company and drive has some powerful search tools. 
There are many different ways to collaborate in Google Drive.
Apps, Add-ons, and Extensions are just awesome ways to enhance your Drive experience.
  • Chrome Extensions
    Extensions are enhancements to the functionality of the Google Chrome browser. Some connect to Google Drive. 
  • Drive Add-ons
    Add-ons are found in the menus of Google Documents, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Forms. These add-ons add additional functionality to G Suite for Education.
  • Drive Apps
    Apps for creating, accessing, and working with files stored in Google Drive. There are drive apps for editing and viewing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures and more.
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