HyperDocs - Interactive Engagement for Remote Learning

When students can't be with their teachers, HyperDocs can be used to provide students with engaging student-paced learning experiences. We've put together a document of resources and recommendations to help educators use HyperDocs with students outside of the classroom.
HyperDocs are frameworks or road maps for student-centered learning experiences. HyperDocs are more than just worksheets with hyperlinks. The best HyperDocs are interactive and engage students in classroom content through the 4 Cs of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Through in a bit of curious inquiry and you might really have something special to engage all learners. 

This document has resources and ideas to support the use of HyperDocs as a framework for digital learning outside of the classroom.
HyperDocs for Remote Learning Resource Document
(Includes Tips, Resources, and Templates)

Additional Resources Connected to Remote Learning 

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