Getting to Know My Students - Making Connections 7 Days and 7 Photos

I am adjusting to remote learning. Yes, there have been a few technology glitches and there will be more, but I am enjoying the challenge of finding new ways to engage my students.

If I am being complete honest, one thing I am struggling with is making connections and getting to know my students when are main connection tool is a Zoom Classroom with 30 of us all confined to a small digital box. I don't know my students as well as I would like to, so I've made a commitment to do some small things every week to build connections.

I've already used Flipgrid, Pear Deck, Google Forms, and Zoom in a variety of ways to learn more about my students. This week I am trying something new.

My students and I will be sharing an image a day connected to something that we want everyone to know about us. The goal is one photo a day so students go in each day and have a chance to explore the posts, make observations, and draw conclusions. This document has the basic assignment instructions.

I am using Padlet, but this could be done with Google Slides, Google Docs, Google Sites or any resource that allows students to post and add comments.

I am always looking for new ideas. Have you discovered a great way to make connections with your students during remote learning? Please share in the comments below. 

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