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Professional Development - What is good?

I have a confession to make . . . I am addicted to Professional Development. It is honestly a bit of a sickness. I spend more time than I should in search of resources and ideas to help me evolve and hopefully improve as an educator. I attend EdCamps and other conferences whenever I can find the time. I've built and incredible PLN. I actually look forward to Inservice Days and School Improvement Days when I see an engaging topic.

There is never enough time to get to everything, so it comes down to time management. Where can I get the most "bang for my buck"? Part of my job is to provide professional development for staff , so I am also always looking for new and different ways to deliver resources, ideas, and content to teachers.

I do not want to have anyone leave and PD like the poor soul in the staff meeting. We've all been in a "sit and get"presentations. Sometimes these are timely and a great use of our times. There are also those other times that we fe…