Google Slides Twitter Templates and More Social Media Templates

I've been collecting Google Slide Templates to use with my students for several years and thanks to a recent Matt Miller post, I think I've found just about everything I could ever want. Even if social media is blocked in your school, you can still create and share social media with a variety of templates in Google Slides. 

I am always looking for creative ways to engage students in exploring and reflection. One of my favorite ideas is to have students create social media posts to reflect on our learning. Today I wanted to share a template I created for Twitter. I also wanted to share a more complete collection of Google Slides templates for creating social media posts with students. These are all free and ready for teachers and students to use today. 

Looking for other social media templates? This folder has additional social media templates that I've created and collected. Google Slides Social Media Template Collection
I've modified and updated a few of these as I've used them, but whenever possible credit to the original creator is included. I will continue to add to this folder as I create and discover new templates. 

I also always try to remember to have the occasional discussion about social media etiquette, fake stories, & appropriate social media posts when using these templates with students.

Looking for more? Another great tool to engage students in creating is Adobe Spark for Education. Spark is a free resource that supports the creation of graphics from a variety of templates and sizes.

Learn more about Adobe Spark here

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