Digital Literacy for Teachers and Learners - #DigLitCon 2021


#DigLitCon is less than a month away. I am looking forward to learning and exploring with some incredible educators.  More than ever I believe we need to engage students in digital literacy, media literacy, SEL, and digital citizenship.

We are connected to the world like never before, but the world also has unprecedented access to us. Navigating the digital world and building digital literacy skills is an essential skill for all learners.
ISTE Student Standard 2: Digital Citizen Students recognize the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.

Today, I wanted to share some resources we've compiled to support teachers and learners build essential skills for digital learning and digital life.

Thank You Educators - I Appreciate You and All You Do Now More Than Ever

US Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 is here and Google does not disappoint with a new Doodle that highlights 5 awesome stories about teachers. 

Today I wanted to take a moment to add my own thank you all the teachers and educational leaders who are doing so much to support all learners. I am thanking you all as both a parent and an educator. I also know that we all need to make an extra effort to do this more often. #TeacherAppreciation

Give 1 Get 1 Strategy - Engaging Learners in Conversations

I am always searching for and exploring new and different ways to engage my students in discussion and conversations. One of my student-centered favorites is something we call "Give One - Get One". The goal of this strategy is to get students moving while at the same time encouraging students to engage in real person to person conversations. 

Today I wanted to share this strategy and some of the different templates I've used for face to face, hybrid, and remote learning.

Teaching and Learning Quotes - A Few of My Favorites Inspired by my PLN

Teacher and quotes go together like chips & dip or pancakes & syrup. At least that is the way I've always felt about quotes. 

I have to admit that one of my vices is a love of quotes. We share and discuss quotes all of the time in class. (I really need to put all of these in one place.) I also spend more time than I should online in a variety of places including social media searching for new quotes to add to my list of favorite quotes

Today I was inspired by a few recent tweets from my PLN to to share a few of my favorite quotes. (Thanks @mrpiper76 and @dknonpelko for the inspiration.)

April is Autism Acceptance Month - Collection of Resources and Videos to Learn and Grow

April is Autism Acceptance Month and as a father of an autistic son I wanted to share some resources and inspiration connected to Autism. I hope these videos and resources will inspire you to explore the challenges and successes that many autistic children and adults experience on a daily basis. 

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