The All Powerful and Almost Magical Chrome Browser

The Chrome Browser is a power tool to enhance your learning experience and save you time while online. Understanding how Chrome can help teachers and students be more efficient with their time online is an essential skill. 

Getting Started with Chrome

Open Chrome and make sure you are signed into Chrome on the device you are using. Click here if you need help signing into Chrome. When you sign in to Chrome, you can save and sync things like your history, bookmarks, and passwords, so you can get to them on any device.

Chrome Browser Essentials 

Chrome Learning Activity 1:
 Review the Chrome Essentials Document and learn more about the following aspects of Chrome: 

  • Making Chrome the Default Browser
  • Setting Homepage
  • Setting Startup Pages
  • Incognito Window
  • Bookmarks
  • Omnibox
  • Tabs 
  • Shortcut Keys
Chrome Learning Activity 2: Explore the Chrome Store Web Store and find an Extension or App that could be used to support teaching and learning.

Click here to share an Extension or App.
Click here to view responses.

Learn more about Chrome Browser 

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