Why Do We Use Tech to Support Learning?

We live in a world where technology is all around us. It is a blessing to many and a curse for some. The incredible growth of educational technology has flipped many teachers upside down and we often struggle to use technology effectively to enhance learning.  I believe that is easy to use technology in the classroom, but difficult to use it well. The challenge of using technology in the classroom is too often overlooked. 
Too often technology initiatives focus on "If you build it they will come." and not enough on good learning practices enhanced by technology. 

Components of using technology well in the classroom:
  • Students must be engaged in the content.
  • Content alone is not enough. Content should help students build essential skills.
  • Technology should support skills connected collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. 
  • Technology should open doors to more learning.
  • Technology in the classroom should be learner-centered. 
  • Technology should always be used with a purpose connected to specific learning objectives. 
  • Technology cannot be an event. Good teachers seamlessly shift in and out of technology
  • Technology will never replace teachers. Teachers must facilitate the learning, not the technology. 
  • Technology is an enhancement to good lessons. It will not transform a bad lesson into something better. 
  • Technology should open the doors to new questions. Questions are often more important than answers.
I recently put together a presentation that I designed to explain why I am motivated to use technology. What more would you add to help inspire teachers to use technology well?

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