Chromebook Essentials - Getting to Know Chromebooks for Education

Chromebooks are great devices to support communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking in future ready classrooms. Teachers and students benefit from quick access to the web, interactive apps, creation tools, workflow extensions, formative assessments, and so much more . . . 

In an effort to get learners started with Chromebooks, we've crowdsourced a list of essential questions for exploration.
To support these essential questions for Chromebook exploration we've created the Chromebook Essentials Site. This site will help teachers, students, and parents learn more about the essential characteristics of these devices. 
The site focuses more on "How do I use a Chromebook?" and less on "Why use Chromebooks for Learning?". We have created the Wicked EdTech Website to share additional resources that support instructional practices and pedagogy in a 1 to 1 classroom.

Here are the sections of the site:

  • Chromebooks - Learn about the device. This page includes resources connected to The Chrome Desktop, The Keyboard, The Touchpad, Quick Keys, and Chromebook Settings.
  • Chrome OS - Learn about the Chrome Operating System. This page includes resources connected to The Omnibox, Chrome Tabs, Chrome Bookmarks, Chrome Extensions, and Chrome Apps.
  • Help - Quick tips and tricks to troubleshoot common issues with Chromebooks. 
  • Explore - Learn more about Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education.
Let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions?

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