Getting to Know My Students - The Learning Continues

I started the year with a series of activities designed to build a stronger classroom community.

I have continued to get to know my students and I just wanted to share a followup activity that we really enjoyed.

I will typically share a short video that I find inspirational, motivational, or sometimes just fun on Fridays. The goal is to get conversations started about something that is more than just our content.

Today I showed the James Veitch TED Talk - The agony of trying to unsubscribe 

I am still adapting to the personalities of my classes, so I was not sure where our conversations would go. It went much further than I could have already hoped. Long story short, we had an incredible conversation about boredom and learning that I did not know that my students had in them. 

I wanted to share this video today in case you are looking to have a creative conversation with your students on Monday? If you share this video with your students, I'd love to know how it goes. 

"Let it be the catalyst for whimsy!"

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