Tuesday, September 12, 2017

What is Your One Small Thing? - Join the Movement

If you decide to join the #OneSmallThing Movement, please share your graphic with me. I promise to retweet each one shared with me. (@WickedEdTech)
I stumbled on this wonderful idea today from the #OneSmallThing Blog
#OneSmallThing is based on the simple idea that a BIG impact comes from focusing on one small change at a time
So simple, but so powerful. I immediately began to brainstorm ideas for my #OneSmallThing. I decided that taking at least one moment a day to find something that makes me smile would be my #OneSmallThing. I hope this is more than a selfish goal and it leads me to be a better person and educator.
The site has a quick interface to create a graphic and here is my first attempt at a small thing graphic.

Here are a few more that I loved on Twitter and I would love for you to share yours with me. I promise to retweet everyone. (@WickedEdTech)

What will be your #OneSmallThing this year?

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