Awesome Updates for Padlet

Padlet has become a favorite tool for collaboration and communication so I am super excited for the new updates Padlet has unveiled recently.

Learn more about using Padlet in your classroom with this post by Lucie Renard.

Here are three of the updates that I love the most right now. 

1. I am probably most excited about the new Reaction feature. Now teachers and students can Like, Vote, Star, and Grade posts in Padlet. You can turn on one of these 4 options for each Padlet that you create and share. This is a great way to engage students in Padlet.
  • Like is just like it sounds. Have a little heart when you like a post. (Think Twitter)
  • Vote allows users to give the good old thumbs up or thumbs down. (Think YouTube)
  • Star allows users to rate a post between 1 to 5 stars. (Think Amazon)
  • Grade allows users assign a grade on a scale. (Think Google Classroom)

Learn more about Reactions here.

2. You can now create a Padlet using 1 of 5 Formats or 1 of 8 Templates. These Formats and Templates bring new style and versatility to Padlet in the classroom. 

Learn more about Padlet Formats 
Learn more about Padlet Templates here.

3. Posts can now be Color-Coded with one of 6 different colors regardless of the type of Padlet. Colors add another way to organize and categorize posts in collaborative Padlets. 

Learn more about Coloring Posts here.

Please share how what you love about Padlet or how you use it with students in the comments below.

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