Get Students Creating with These Creativity Resources on the Web

Supporting the 4Cs in Learner-Centered Classrooms

Creativity - Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology. Students will:
  • Apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.
  • Create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
  • Use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues.
  • Identify trends and forecast possibilities.

You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”― Maya Angelou

I have long believed that my content should support the development of student skills connected to the 4 Cs or collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. 

This week, I am working on updating my list of Web Resources connected to Creativity Skills for teachers, parents, and students. I have had a great deal of help from my PLN in the past and I am hoping you can help with this updated Google Doc.

Have an additional resource or want to share how you use one of the tools? Visit this Creativity Padlet to share or post a reply in the comments below.

Additional Creativity Resources

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