Monday, February 19, 2018

Enhancing HyperDocs - Our Professional Development Resources

"Around here we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney

We've updated some of our HyperDoc Professional Development Resources. If you are curious about HyperDocs or are planning some HyperDoc Professional Development, there might be something here for you. 
  • HyperDocs Professional Development Slide Deck - This is a web copy of the slide deck. When using this during face to face professional development, Pear Deck will be modeled as a resource to engage and reflect. (The Pear Deck interactives will not be live in this web version.) Links to some of our favorite model HyperDocs are included in this presentation. 
  • HyperDocs Mission Control - This is document serves as the hub for resources connected to exploring and creating HyperDocs. Sections include HyperDoc Essentials, HyperDoc Creation, HyperDocs and the ISTE Standards, HyperDocs and the 4 Cs, and more. 
  • HyperDoc or Not HyperDoc - This is a Professional Development Worksheet to help learners understand the difference between a Worksheet, a WebQuest, a Multi-Media Text Sets, and a HyperDoc. Learners will explore and identify if a learning activity could be considered a HyperDoc or not. One key is recognizing if the 4 Cs are present or not. 
  • HyperDoc Visual Design Resources - Enhance  HyperDocs by exploring Visual Design and connect to tools to support the visual enhancement of HyperDocs. 
  • Quizlet - ISTE Standards and HyperDocs - Explore how the ISTE Standards Vocabulary connects to HyperDocs. (Presenters can use Quizlet Live to model a collaborative formative tool that can be connected to Hyperdocs.)
  • Quizlet - HyperDocs and Learning Frameworks - Explore how Learning Frameworks (SAMR, TPack, Depth of Knowledge,  and the Triple E Framework) connect to HyperDocs. (Presenters can use Quizlet Live to model a collaborative formative tool that can be connected to Hyperdocs.)
  • Formative Assessment Resources - Resources to support formative assessment before, during, and after a HyperDoc learning experience.
Have something you love that can help enhance HyperDocs, please share in the comments below?

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