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Digital Resources to Support Student Voice

Student voice should not be relegated to the traditional presentation that is simply a display of copied images and connected text. Powerpoints and Google Slides still have their place in classrooms, but they cannot be the only way for Future Ready students and teachers share learning. 
Student voice needs to be connected to a range of media, including images, text, audio, interactive components, and video. The web and Google Apps for Education can provide students and teachers with a wealth of resources to flip the traditional presentation model on its head.

The resources connected on this page are commonly used in education and are typically free. This is by no means a complete list. We’ve selected 3 to feature in each category and additional resources are included at the end of this document.

Most of the resources below have interactive help tutorials built into the resource. Additionally, a quick YouTube search will provide some nice tutorials for teachers and students.

Please feel fr…