Student-Centered Learning - HyperDocs and Formative Assessments

I still talk too much in class, but I don't talk nearly as much as I used to. I am no longer the ultimate source of knowledge in my classroom. In fact, there are days when my students don't need me at all. 

I am still learning how to be a better facilitator of learning, but there are two essentials in my 1 to 1 student-centered classroom.

  • HyperDocs
    HyperDocs are digital lessons that you give to students for engaging, inquiry-based learning; but beware, they can easily be a digital worksheet depending on the lesson design and content you include.
  • Formative Assessment
    The goal of formative assessment is to monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by instructors to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning. More specifically, formative assessments: 
    • help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work
    • help faculty recognize where students are struggling and address problems immediately
HyperDoc Resources
"Thank you for the amazing worksheet!" - Said No Kid Ever
The best HyperDocs provide students with a framework for engagement and encourage exploration. They are not simply a set of links and questions. A well organized HyperDoc should support collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, choice, connections, and citizenship.  My best HyperDocs blend the digital collaboration and communication with face to face interactions between students. I know I've done well when students are asking each other and me about concepts and content. 
Formative Assessment Resources
"We learn by doing!" - Aristotle
Formative assessments are powerful learning checkpoints for teachers and students. Formative assessments are part of the learning process and can be enhanced with a variety of different #EdTech resources. The best assessments lead to class discussions that clarify and enhance understanding.
I also use many of my summative assessments as formative assessments. I do this by allowing students to access digital resources, work together, and providing reflective questions as part of the assessment. I believe that no test should be the end, so I also typically allow retakes.

Learn more about Formative Assessment

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