Exploring Additional Resources Connected to HyperDocs

If you know me, you know that I love all things HyperDoc. I share resources connected to HyperDocs whenever I have something new to share. Today, I want to focus on the incredible educators who are doing so much more with HyperDocs. The links below are connected to educators and resources that influenced my growth as a HyperDoc Learner. 

Getting Started with HyperDocs
Educators can start a new HyperDoc with one of a HyperDoc Template from Teachers Give Teachers. Karly Moura has created a great HyperDoc Handbook Template Companion connected to a HyperDoc Template.

Educators can also share and remix with credit an existing HyperDoc from one of these resources: 

I personally love both the Teachers Give Teachers Site and the HyperDoc Google + Community the most for a couple of reasons.
  1. They are searchable and organized by categories.
  2. They usually contain a view link that can be remixed to the live HyperDoc and not just a copy.
Diving Deeper Into HyperDoc Resources

Please share additional HyperDoc Resources or Sample HyperDocs in the Google+ HyperDoc Community or in the comments below.

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