HyperDocs - Frameworks for the 4 Cs in Student-Centered Classrooms

HyperDocs are powerful digital activities that shift the focus of learning from the teacher to the students. The best HyperDocs support essential skills connected to collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

HyperDoc Fundamentals
  • HyperDocs are powerful frameworks to support inquiry-based learning. 
  • HyperDocs allow students to explore interactive resources at their own pace. 
  • HyperDocs are digital frameworks that can support differentiated learning. 
  • HyperDocs don't just present the facts. HyperDocs use questions, problems, and scenarios to help students learn, explore, and create. 
  • HyperDocs provide options for student voice and give students choices in how to engage in the content. 
  • HyperDocs support individual, small group, and whole class opportunities.
  • HyperDocs connected to Formative Assessments help students know what they know and explore what they don't know.

HyperDoc Resources
Want to learn more about using HyperDocs to support collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity in learner-centered classrooms? Take a look at the HyperDoc Mission Control document and our 4 Cs resource documents. These resources are designed to support the creation of HyperDocs connected to the 4 Cs and the ISTE Standards. 

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