#GSuiteEdu and #EdTech Resources to Support Social Studies Teachers & Students

G Suite for Education

Recharge Learning - Digital Social Studies Resources for K-12

Classrooms must be focused on the connections between teachers and students. Technology can serve as enhancements to these connections. Digital resources can also support content and the development of essential skills for students.
We hope that everyone approaches this list with the idea that a tool is only valuable if it enhances students learning. Start with the why.

Objective: Connect teachers and students with resources to enhance teaching and learning in Social Studies Classrooms.
Chrome Apps and Extensions, along with Google Drive Add-ons and Apps, can provide valuable support for Social Studies Classrooms.

Guiding Question: How can G Suite for Education support and enhance teaching and learning in your classroom?
We’ve done our best to select resources that are highly rated and do what they should do without a huge learning curve. Many of the resources are free, but some do have premium options available at an additional cost. We recommend exploring the free features before considering any pay options.

Click here to explore our Google Tools for Social Studies for teachers and students. 

Additional Google tools for teachers and students can be found in our shared resource folder: EdTech and G Suite Resources

The Google Chrome Webstore supports keyword searches for additional Apps and Extensions.

Special thanks to my PLN for sharing so many of these valuable resources. Please feel free to suggest additional resources using the Comment feature in Google Docs.

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