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Share Your Why! - Flipgrid Connections

We are hoping that everyone attending ISTE has a chance to share their voice using our Flipgrid Share Your Why Grid at least once during the conference. There are a variety of topics and we'd love to see this become a great place for educators to share ideas and make global connections. 

Flipgrid - Share Your Why! (Password: ShareYourWhy)

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Tuesday Tip of the Week - Setting Your Default Font in Google Docs

Last week I shared a tip about Page setups in Docs and Slides. This week it will be all about setting the default font for your normal text.

The default font for Google Docs is Arial. and the default size is 11. 

Neither of these is a favorite of mine and I really hate changing these everytime I create a new document. I've changed my default font for all new documents. Right now, I've set my default font to Open Sans and my default size to all 12. I like change so I can't say that I won't change to something else soon. (I was a Georgia guy before I switched to Open Sans.)

Here are the steps to set the default font for all your Google Documents in the future. (This will not automatically change existing Document fonts.) 
Create a new document or go into a current document with the formatting you want.If it is a new document, set the font and size in the editing menu. Type a sentence with the new font settings. Highlight some text that is set up with the font you want to set…

ISTE 2018 Collection of Tips and Tricks

I have shared a few posts connected to ISTE 2018 over the last several weeks, including ISTE 2018 Tips and Tricks, The Awesome Session Facilitators at #ISTE18, and The ISTE Experience - Exploring The Expo & Connecting with Exhibitors
Now the really good stuff is here for me to share and for you to explore. I hope there is something here for everyone. ISTE is an incredible is sometimes overwhelming conference and appreciate all that everyone is sharing to help make it a great experience. 

I've scoured the social media and the world wide web to bring you some of the best tips and tricks I've found connected to this year's ISTE Conference in Chicago. Here are some of the highlights of my exploration. 
If you are not following the incredible educators connected to these posts, you should be! 
Here are some of the highlights of my exploration. I am sure I have missed some great posts, ideas, and resources, so please leave me a comment below or send a message on the twitter an…

Curiosity Question of the Week - What Colors Would You Choose If There Were Only 2?

Last week's question had some great responses.

If you were able to share one thing that is an essential component of you being you, what would you share? What makes you, uniquely you?

This week's question may not seem as deep on the surface, but you may need to take some time for to consider to how your choice impacts the impressions you will make on the world around you.

You’ve won a contest and your complete wardrobe will be provided and updated for the next 10 years. The catch is you are only allowed to choose 2 colors. That's two colors for everything you wear for the next 10 years. Which 2 colors would you choose to wear every day? What does your color choices say about you? 

Please share your answer and your why in the comments below or using the Hashtag #CuriosityQs. Each Tuesday I will share a new question that I hope will inspire you to share your thoughts and maybe explore something new.

If you have a great question that I can ask, please DM me on Twitter. Full cre…

June Book of the Month - The Growth Mindset Coach by Annie Brock & Heather Hundley

The best educators are not content to do the same old thing year after year. Innovative educators push their thinking by engaging in social media, exploring blogs, attending conferences, and exploring the newest generation of educational books.
We've created a site to organize and share some great books connected to teaching and learning. Each month we will feature a new book from our PLN. Have an idea for our next book of the month? Please share in the comments below.

The Growth Mindset Coach by Annie Brock & Heather Hundley Created by teachers for teachers, this is the ultimate guide for unleashing students’ potential through creative lessons, empowering messages and innovative teaching. The Growth Mindset Coach provides all you need to foster a growth mindset classroom, including:
A Month-by-Month ProgramResearch-Based ActivitiesHands-On Lesson PlansReal-Life Educator StoriesConstructive FeedbackSample Parent LettersStudies show that growth mindsets result in higher test scores…