IDEAcon and TCEA Featured Authors - Book Recommendations for All Educators in 2021

The IDEAcon and TCEA Virtual Conferences kicks off February 1st and I am really excited about the conference book study this year.

While the book study is focused on 4 authors, it got me thinking about all of the other great educational authors who will be part of this years IDEAcon / TCEA experience. Today I wanted to share some of the featured conference authors and their most recent books. It really is an awesome collection of books and authors.

IDEAcon and TCEA Virtual Conference Extravaganza - Coming to A Screen Near You This February 2021

I think Charles Dickens could have been talking about this year. I don't need to tell anyone that remote teaching and learning has been a challenge, but this challenge also led to new ideas and new ways of getting stuff done. In the long run I am hopeful that teaching and learning will be in a better place. 

Educational Conferences have needed to adjust and this has led to some incredible learning experiences for educators across the world. Don't get me wrong, I've missed being able to attend face to face conferences this year. While I've had the chance to attend several great virtual conferences this year, it isn't quite the same. I really miss the unscripted and learning experiences that happen so often happen when groups of educators get together in the same physical space. 

One Word to Rule Them All - 2021 One Word Student Challenge HyperDoc


Today I wanted to share a HyperDoc designed to help students set goals for the 2021 year. This activity is inspired by Mike Ashcraft's and Rachel Olsen's book My One Word: Change Your Life With Just One Word

Feel free to make a copy of of the document and modify it for your students. 

Reboot the Noggin - 2021 New Year's Welcome Back HyperDoc


Learn to Create - Create to Learn

I love being an educator and I am always excited to return to school after a break, but for some reason don't think most of my students always feel the same way. In an effort to reconnect with my students after a break, I like to do something more than just review for our final exam or jump right into new content. 

Today I wanted to share a HyperDoc designed to help students reflect on 2020 and set goals for 2021. 

Feel free to make a copy of of the document and modify it for your students. I will also share my updated "One Word" 2021 HyperDoc soon.

Year in Review - 2020 Resources for Teachers and Students


I always welcome back my students to the New Year with several activities connected to the events, stories, and trends from the previous year. The goal is to reflect and make connections to our learning experiences. Here are some resources connected to 2020 in review. 
I will continue to update this list as I discover new resources. Feel free to share any resources or ideas in the comments below. Please come back and check the updates if you are looking for something more over the next couple of weeks.

I've also posted our 2021 One Word HyperDoc Activity and our Reboot the Noggin - 2021 New Year's Welcome Back Activity this week. Educators are  welcome to copy and modify these for their own students.

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