Creative Student Voice and Choice Challenges

Creative Student Voice and Choice Learning Challenges

Guiding Question: What is your top learning takeaway connected to a recent learning experience?
Tell Your Story
Choose one or more of the resources challenges below and create something that you can share today to tell a story about teaching and learning. Please share your experience and creations with the #ShareYourWhy hashtag.

Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark Design Challenge

GSuite for Education
Google Drawings and Google Slides Design Challenge

Flipgrid Interactive Challenge

Padlet Interactive Challenge

Pear Deck
Pear Deck Interactive Challenge

More Creative Study Voice Resources
Explore these resources and share how you might use something here to engage learners with an educational hashtag of your choice.

Getting Ready for the 2019 ICE Conference - Workshop Recommendations

One of my favorite midwestern educational conferences is a little over a month away. I cannot tell you how excited I am to make new connections and reconnect with some incredible educators.  I've attended the Illinois Computer Educators Conference on and off as an educator for more than 20 years and I always walk away with something new that helps me grow as a teacher and learner.  I've even been lucky enough to facilitate a variety of sessions over the last 10 years. 
"The ICE Conference is a teaching and learning conference that attracts educators, educational leaders, and pre-service teachers from PreK - Higher Ed. The conference engages educators from across the Midwest in an exploration of pedagogical strategies and resources connected to instructional technology. Districts, schools, classrooms, and libraries will all gain valuable insights at one of the Midwest's largest educational technology conferences. In fact, last year was our biggest conference ever as over 5,000 unique visitors joined us at #ICE18."
I've also loved watching the conference evolve over the last decade. The primary focus when I first started attending was hardware and software. It was all about what to buy and how to use the software. Today the tools still have a place at the conference, but pedagogy has taken the lead as educators explore how EdTech can support and enhance quality teaching. I've been to quite a few EdTech conferences and I don't think you can find one that is better than ICE. 

This year I was lucky enough to be part of the selection committee and one of my areas of focus for me was the conference workshops. There are some incredible workshops being offered at the conference this year. 
#ICE19 Workshops are full and half-day sessions that must be registered for separately. If you have already registered for the conference, just add them to your registration; if you have not registered yet, be sure to check the workshops out during your registration process.
The ICE Half-day and Full-day Workshops are a great way to take a deep dive into just about any topic or resource you are curious about. I believe all of the sessions and presenters are incredible, but I am going to highlight 7 in this post that I really love. Hopefully these 7 workshops will inspire you to explore all of the workshops being offered at the ICE Conference in 2019. 

  • Design Thinking Sprint By Future Design School
    The majority of the workshop is a Design Sprint. Participants will learn the process of design by developing a solution to a common challenge. The session includes techniques for empathizing with a user and ideating solutions. These repeatable methods can be used with students to help them solve real-world problems. Along the way, students build their skills in creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. 
  • Genius Hour - Time to Get Your Hands Dirty
    This workshop will move you through the steps of Genius Hour and how it really feels to go through the process. By remembering how it feels to be a learner we can understand the struggle often felt by our students. We will also chat through some tips and tricks to the successful implementation of Genius Hour.
  • Technology and Literacy A Love Story
    Add to your arsenal of technology tools that work together perfectly to promote literacy in the classroom or in the library. Bring a device and get ready to explore 50+ tools that promote literacy in our technology-filled world!
  • Cardboard Challenge A Celebration of Creativity, Innovation, and Teamwork
    A cardboard challenge is a celebration of creativity, innovation, and teamwork, where teams of students use the engineering design process to build whatever they can imagine out of cardboard and then play it or display it. See and hear about how we planned, organized, and staged a school-wide cardboard challenge in our 3-5 school. You will also be taken through the same process students went through as you get to design and build your own cardboard creations!
  • Compassionate Leadership Leading with a Tech Mind and Heart
    During this active engagement workshop session, participants will evaluate/identify their current technology management approach, review the principles of compassionate leadership with a lean-to diverse tech teams, learn techniques to integrate compassionate leadership in to their day-to-day work and develop a team development strategy with a focus on 1) learning; 2) standards; 3) bulldozing barriers; 4) leveraging influence; 5) fueling passion and reinforcing the value of a team.
  • Breakout! Design Your Own Digital Escape Room
    Digital escape rooms make learning meaningful and engaging for multiple contents, even when you're not there. Participants will explore how to use free tools to create digital escape rooms with Google Sites, Google Forms, and Canva. By the time the workshop is done, participants will be well on their way to having a completed digital escape room for classroom use.
  • Mythbusters EDU The Empowered Learner Episode
    On this episode of Mythbusters EDU, we will tackle the myths of student empowerment. Join us as we explore activities that promote learner engagement, voice, choice and design thinking. Let’s not just talk about the myths regarding student empowerment, let’s put them to the test! 

There are many other incredible workshop options and I wish I could include them all here. I hope 7 is enough to inspire you to explore all the workshops the conference is offering this year. What workshops are you excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

Registration is open and some great early bird discounts still apply. You can check out all of the workshops in the ICE Workshop Schedule and then register on the ICE Website. I hope to see you there. 

A complete list of all sessions, including workshops, can be found at an interactive site that lets you plan your daily #ICE19 schedule. 

You can also download the official #ICE19 app on iOS and Android and stay up-to-date on everything for #ICE19.

Even if you can't attend the conference this year, mark your calendar to engage in the conference Hashtag #ICE19 on February 25th through the 28th. 

This is part 1 of a 3 post series connected to the ICE conference. Up next will be some of my favorite vendors and I will wrap up the series with 1o general conference sessions that I love. Stay tuned! 

People's Choice Sessions - ISTE 2019

The ISTE Conference is huge, but for me, it is the little things connected to the conference that make all the difference. I love connecting with my PLN and the ability to build my own schedule connected to my PLN. One of my favorite ways to make this big conference smaller is the People's Choice Voting.

Thousands of educators apply to present at ISTE every year. I believe that the conference committee does a great job selecting the best proposals, but nobody is perfect. This is why I love the People's Choice Voting. It is a chance for educators to support the sessions and the presenters that they love. For me, this makes a big conference a little smaller. It is also a way of giving more control to attendees by supporting a more customized schedule. 

Voting for the People's Choice Sessions is open now and there are many incredible sessions already posted. Anyone can vote for as many different sessions as they like, you just need to register or be a registered ISTE Voter. You don't even have to be physically attending to vote for sessions you love. 

I've voted for about 20 that my PLN has already shared. Here are some of my favorite proposals so far. What will you vote for today? 

Sticky Learning with HyperDocs- Purposeful Lesson Design To Meet All Kids Needs
Description: How long do your lessons stick? Experience HyperDoc lessons that will change the way you think about what we ask our students to do, and the lasting effects. Participants will walk away with multiple lessons and resources to create more to fit the needs of any grade level, including administrators.

Hipster Google - Tools You Probably Never Heard Of
Description: Everyone knows about Docs, Gmail, and Search, but there are also loads of lesser-known hidden gems from Google. Learn about nGram, Trends, Web Fonts, AutoDraw, Tour Builder, Toontastic, Canned Responses, Smarty Pins, Poly, Reverse Image Search, Instant Search Cards, Mystery Animal, Science Journal, Semantris, Grasshopper, Art Palette, and more!

Digital Storytelling and Digital Literacy: Using Video to Demonstrate Learning
Description: Participants will explore a variety of different video tools, styles, and formats that students can use to demonstrate learning. We will explore how video + Google Apps can be used together to encourage and enhance collaboration and reflective practices.

Students problem solve with design thinking
Description: Participants will collaborate to develop solutions to current problems with social media using design thinking protocols and discuss how the same exercise can be replicated in any classroom with any curricula with examples drawn from a class of 9-12 grade high school students.

Quick, Visual, Digital Reflections for Teachers and Students
Description: No time to reflect on your practice? So busy that time just gets away from you? We've all been there! Life is busy and time is valuable, so come learn how to reflect in a way that is consistent and meaningful with #EduSnaps: the quick, visual, digital way to reflect.

Voting closes on January 22nd. You can view all the People's Choice Proposals by click on the People's Choice Link on the main ISTE 2019 Page

Update! Here are a few incredible sessions that I love that posted after I wrote this post. Have you voted for your favorites today? 

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