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Curiosity Question of the Week - What Would You Change About Yourself?

The last Curiosity Question had some great responses.

What is your favorite movie of all time? Why?
This week's question is all about a little self-reflection.

If you had the power to change one single thing about yourself today, what would you change? Why?
Please share your answer and your why in the comments below or using the Hashtag #CuriosityQs. Each Thursday, I will share a new question that I hope will inspire you to share your thoughts and maybe explore something new.

If you have a great question that I can ask, please DM me on Twitter. Full credit will be given for all questions that I share that are not my own.

Recent posts

Fun Summer PD Opportunity for Educators - The Easiest Book Club, Ever!

If you know me, you know that I am always exploring new learning opportunities. I get a bit too excited when I find something unique and this PD opportunity has gotten me very excited. I love everything about it!

Rushton Hurley, Participate, and ISTE Affiliate ICE have joined forces to create a new Summer Book Study and it starts today! 
The book study is connected to Making Your Teaching Something Special: 50 Simple Ways to Become a Better Teacher (Volume 2) which follows up his first book Making Your Teaching Something Special: 50 Simple Ways to Become a Better Teacher (SomethingSpecialEDU)

Here are the details from Rushton's post.
Starting in mid-July, join colleagues who will take a few minutes each week to join the easiest book study ever. It's an opportunity to find little things that will make you better and connect with others committed to being the best teachers they can be.
Rather than being asked to read dozens or hundreds of pages, each week choose from a set of very…

Curiosity Matters - Exploring the Power of Curiosity in Education

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." Walt Disney
I recently read an Atlantic Post from about a year ago, "Schools Are Missing What Matters Most About Learning". The article connects academic success to curiosity. This article inspired me to update some of our Curiosity Resources
I have personally always struggled with my High School Students when it comes to curiosity. Many have a hard time doing more than completing tasks to earn points, and that is where the learning often ends for them.  Despite this, I've never stopped giving my students time to explore what their own curiosity. Our Curiosity Website has been built and updated to support Curiosity in Education. The site includes the following pages:  Curiosity - Resources and websites to support creative exploration and student choice. Activities - Activities and ideas connected to student choice and curios…

New Premium Option for ClassHook's Popular TV and Movie Clips

Image Created with Adobe Spark
A few months ago I discovered and began to explore ClassHook for the first time. I was quickly hooked!

The ClassHook Site has collections of clips from popular television shows and movies. The videos are organized by subject and topic. The site also has great pedagogical resources with ideas and resources connected using video in the classroom. You will need to signup before exploring the site directly, but it is free to signup.

ClassHook is still free, but they recently announced a Premium option that I think is worth exploring. You can still use Classhook for free, but there are some nice advantages to ClassHook Premium. Premium users can filter clips by Decade and Standards in a search.There is a new option to browse clips by standard alignments. Premium users can now discover playlists created by other educators.Premium users can invite other educators to collaborate on playlists. (The collaborators do not need to upgrade to Premium to collaborate.)W…

Tuesday Tip - 3 Ways to Insert Images in Google Docs

Happy Tuesday! This week's tip is connected to finding and inserting images in Google Docs

Did you know there are several different ways you can insert images in a Google Doc without ever leaving the Doc?

Use the Insert Menu
The Insert Menu allows you to pull images from a variety of resources, including:
Upload images from the computer.Search the web and insert images.Insert images  from DriveInsert images from Google PhotosInsert images By URLInsert images directly from your Camera Learn more about inserting images on this Google Help Page

Use the Explore Tool
The explore button is in the bottom right corner of a Google Doc.
Click on the explore button.Enter a search term, search, and then click on images.You can then drag the image directly into the doc. Matt Miller has a great post about using the explore post with students. 

Use the Keep Notepad
If you have images or icons that you like to use regularly, The Google Keep Notepad is a great tool.
You'll need to create some imag…