Friday Fun- Learning Reflections with Google Doodles

Happy Friday and Happy Almost Halloween!

I know it has been a while and this is not even close to the most useful post I've shared, but when you are struggling to engage in teaching and learning it can be a strange journey to inspiration. I found a bit of inspiration today and wanted to share. Yeah! 

Today I discovered the 2020 Google Halloween Doodle and this led me down the rabbit hole that is the Google Doodle Archive. My exploration inspired me to create something I might use to engage my students in both the Google Doodle Archive and our course content..

Google Doodle Assessment / Reflection Template

Even if this just leads to something fun for my students, I totally think it will be worth exploring during these strange days we are all living in. 

There have been so many incredible Google Doodles shared over the years. How can you use these to inspire and engage your students with a dash of fun? (Please, share your ideas in the comments below!)

I promise I'll be back to creating and sharing soon.

Happy Learning Everyone!

BTW - The animated GIF for the Doodle was created using Screencastify.

Additional Hybrid and Remote Learning Collection

Curiosity and Critical Thinking Resource - What's Going On in This Picture?

Images are a powerful way to engage students. I am not just thinking about using images in presentations or web sites as part of the design. I am thinking of ways to use images to inspire curious exploration and engage students in critical thinking.

One of my favorite resources to explore images is the New York Times site, "What's Going on in This Picture?"

Getting to Know My Students - Making Connections 7 Days and 7 Photos

I am adjusting to remote learning. Yes, there have been a few technology glitches and there will be more, but I am enjoying the challenge of finding new ways to engage my students.

If I am being complete honest, one thing I am struggling with is making connections and getting to know my students when are main connection tool is a Zoom Classroom with 30 of us all confined to a small digital box. I don't know my students as well as I would like to, so I've made a commitment to do some small things every week to build connections.

Getting Started - Remote Learning, Pear Deck, and More

 Welcome to Class! 
Remote Learning Style!

This is a year like no other! You've probably heard this a time or two, but how is it changing how we teach and learn? 

I'll let you know what I think in a few month's, but for now I am just trying to start the year without being in the classroom. We are full remote for a bit.  Today I wanted to share one piece of how I am trying to get to know my students while I introduce them to the way we are going to do learning.

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