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I've been working on updating some of my YouTube resources for teaching and learning. (I'll start sharing these updates soon.) There are also many incredible posts connected to videos for almost every subject area that are just a quick Google search away. 

While I was spending more time than I should be exploring and watching videos of all types and lengths I stumbled on an interesting site called ClassHook. 

I wanted to share an interesting site that I stumbled on called ClassHook. The site has collections of clips from popular television shows and movies. The videos are organized by subject and topic. The site also has a great pedagogy menu with ideas and resources connected using video in the classroom. Here is a bit more information from the site. 

ClassHook is the best place to find educational clips from popular TV shows and movies

AASL Best Websites 2017 Award
TV shows and movies often contain scenes that discuss topics such as Science, Math, Art, Music, and more. While funny and amusing, these scenes also have valid educational merit.
Such scenes not only teach students but also make learning more relevant. Students can associate a concept in class to an image they see in their everyday lives. Bringing television shows and movies to your classroom helps connect students' personal lives to the concepts they are learning in class. As a result, content retention increases, and learning becomes more fun.
Have you explored ClassHook? What are some of your favorite resources to find videos to engage learners?

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