Thursday, May 10, 2018

Digital Vocabulary Resources to Engage Students

My students frequently struggle with assessment questions that rely on Tier 2 (Academic Vocabulary) and Tier 3 (Subject Specific Vocabulary). This leads me to the conclusions that  students must have have a solid foundation in all Three Tiers of Vocabulary Development.  It is important to assess on Tier 3 words, but I never want one of my students to miss an answer because of a tier 2 vocabulary word

The research is clear, vocabulary has strong connections to student learning across content areas. If you teach, you understand how strongly vocabulary knowledge is connected to student success in your classroom. I am not just talking about memorizing and regurgitating vocabulary words connected to your curriculum. I am thinking about students reading, applying vocabulary knowledge, and analyzing text to draw conclusions based on their vocabulary understandings.  

I am not a reading specialist or in anyway an expert on the best ways to connect vocabulary to learning, but I have explored a variety of digital tools to help teachers and students engage in vocabulary. I believe it is important that we explore and implement digital resources and activities connected to vocabulary development and application, so we've put together this document to help teachers and students explore digital resources connected to vocabulary. 

What are your favorite tips and resources to support vocabulary development in your classrooms? 

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  1. Hello!! I am new here and I hope to learn a lot of English with this great teamwork. Thanks for add me.


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