New Google Sites Tips, Tricks, and Training Resources for Teachers

New Google Sites has been around for a few years, so I am wondering when Google will drop the "New".?I have a tendency to just say Google Sites or Classic Google Sites. Using Google Sites alongside Google Classroom or another LMS is a great way for teachers to engage parents and students. We've organized a new website using to help teachers explore the features of Google Sites.

Google Sites is a great resource for teachers to share resources, videos, links, and more with both parents and students. The best Google teacher sites include contact information, essential links, and any information that is essential for parents. Embedded Google calendars, docs, and slides are great ways to keep parents informed without updating and republishing a site. Embedding Google Forms on sites is a great way to collect information or allow parents to ask questions. 

The site we created is designed to demonstrate essential features in the Google Sites editor, so be aware that the design of this site is a bit choppy. You can explore on the Template page to see some examples of well designed sites. 

Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. 

By the way, Classic Sites still exist, but they are no longer being supported and the interface is gradually getting a bit more glitchy. If you still have a Classic Site, you can convert it to New Sites.

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