Google Keep & The Organized Digital Student

Google Keep can be a powerful tool for organization and workflow.

If you need help when working with G Suite Education Resources, click on the G Suite Training icon near the top right of the computer screen. 

The G Suite Training extension consists of searchable interactive video resources and tutorials to support teachers and students. If you do not see the G Suite Training Symbol, make sure you are signed into Chrome

Here are a few of our favorite tips. If you are looking for a way to organize this for students, please explore our Google Keep Interactive Tutorial

1. Start With Color to Organize Classes

Notes and Lists can be color-coded to match classes or to group resources.
Click here to learn more about changing the color of a note. 

2. Use Labels to Support Class Projects and Connect Resources

Labels can be used to organize resources and connect them to classes. Notes and lists can have more than 1 label.

Click here to learn more about labels in Google Keep. 

3. Pin Important Notes and Lists to the Top of Keep

Important notes and lists can be pinned to the top of Keep.

Click here to learn about pinning notes. 

4. Reminders in Keep

Reminders can be scheduled for a time or a location. You can receive notifications on your Chromebook and Mobile Devices.

Click here to learn about searching in Google Keep.

Have a Google Tip to share or a question? Please comment below. 

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