Screencastify Updates To Support Remote Learning

There are many great screen recording tools for teachers and students, but the Screencastify Chrome Extension has long been one of my favorites. I love the ease of use, the ability to make animated gifs, and the connections to Google Drive.

I also love that Screencastify is always looking for new ways to support teachers and students. There are many innovative EdTech companies that I've gotten to know over the years and Screencastify is one of the best. 2020 has been no exception and today I wanted to share a few of the more recent Screencastify updates.

At the start of 2020, Screencastify added several "premium features" to their free for all users platform. Free users can now create an unlimited number of recordings, trim videos, export as MP4, MP3, and animated GIF, and record with no watermark.

Screencastify was one of the first companies to step up and support remote learning for teachers and students. I would recommend visiting their E-Learning Resources page to explore some great activities and resources to support learners. They are even offering free upgrades to educators around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Screencastify has added the ability to add videos to EdPuzzle, Wakelet, and Remind with just one click. You can of course still save your videos to Google Drive and YouTube. If you use Google Classroom, you can also share your screencasts directly to your classes. You can even request additional App integrations to the Screencastify App Smash Library.

One of the updates that I am most excited about is Screencasfity Submit. While this has not been released to everyone, teachers can request early access. Screencastify Submit allows teachers to create video assignments that shift the focus from consumption to creation.
But instead of only being passive bystanders and consuming the videos being created by others, why don't we give them authentic opportunities to share their thoughts and reflections with teachers and classmates?
That's where Screencastify Submit comes in!
With Submit, you can ask students to:
  • capture their understanding of the mini-lesson you provided
  • reflect on how much they've grown in a topic
  • teach a classmate something they learned today
  • share how they're feeling about learning from home
  • ...and so much more!
As you're getting started with Submit, here are three sample assignments that we hope will inspire you. (Source: Screencastify)
If you are curious to learn more about Screencastify but sure to visit the Screencastify YouTube Channel. The channel is full of great tutorials and incredible ideas on how to use Screencastify with students.

Please share and ideas or thoughts you have about Screencastify in the comments below. 

If you are looking for additional remote leaning activities, tips, and resources please bookmark this Remote Learning Resource Document. We will continue to update this document as we explore new resources and ideas. 


  1. So is this an alternative to Flipgrid?

    1. Student can create screencasts using Flipgrid so there are some similarities, but it is less of a social sharing tool than flipgrid. The videos are shared in Google Drive, so unless you give students access to the folder, they don't see each other's responses.

  2. Sounds awesome. When will you be rolling this out? I'd love to try it.

    1. You can request early access. Quite a few teachers are testing it already. I am doing it with my students the first time next week.


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