Tips for Organizing and Managing Google Drive

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Technology Is Not Pedagogy. EdTech at it's best is a resource when it is used to enhance sound pedagogic practices connected teaching & learning.

When exploring a resource for your classroom, it is important to always consider why the tool or resource will be used. Tech for the sake of tech will not get it done. 
Why Organize Google Drive? - The answer is simple, teaching and learning are easier when you are organized. 

Google Drive has become a powerful resource for teachers and students. I must admit that when I first discovered Google Drive about 10 years ago, I was not particularly interested. What could it do that I couldn't do with one of my many incredible flash drives? (By the way, I can't remember the last time I used a flash drive?)

Fast forward to today and Google Drive has become the central hub for almost everything my students and I do. I can't imagine my digital life without it.  I've learned a lot about Google Drive over the years and I know that I will continue to explore and discover new tips and tricks to maximize my Google Drive experience. 

Here are 7 tips that can help both new and experienced users make the most of Google Drive. 
What am I missing?
Please add your favorite Google Drive Tips and Tricks to the comment section at the end of this post.

Tip 1: Search Tips

It should be no surprise that the search features in Google Drive are awesome! Click here to learn about some of our favorite basic and advanced Google Drive Search Tips.

Tip 2: Starred

Have a folder or a file that you use all the time? Right click on the file or folder and then click on "Add star." Starred files can quickly be accessed by clicking on the "Starred" menu option on the right.

Tip 3: Colors

By default, all the folders in your Google Drive are gray. You can quickly change the colors of the folders to help you visually organize your Drive.

Tip 4: Recent

Quickly access files that were recently opened or modified.

Tip 5: Shared with me

Rule 1 of "Shared with me" - Don't delete or try organize anything in the folder. If there is something you want to use either make a copy or if you are collaborating click "Add to My Drive". Click here to learn more about Shared with me.

Tip 6: "MOVE HERE" vs "ADD HERE"

"Moving" a file or folder takes it from one location and moves it to another. "Adding" a file or folder allows it to be viewed in multiple locations. Click here to learn more about these two options. 

Tip 7: Ordering Files

Click on "Name" to reverse the alphabetical list. (Folders are always first in Drive.)
Click on "Last modified" to order files by date. The small arrow reverses the order from recent to oldest.

You can also order folders or files in the view by adding a special character or number before the name.

What are your favorite drive organization tips? 

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