Awesome Shortcuts for Sharing Google Docs (Copy, Templates, or Preview)

Google Classroom is a great resource to share Google files with students or other teachers. Google Classroom allows you to quickly share viewable or editable documents. You can also have Google Classroom make a copy for each student enrolled in your classroom. Google classroom only supports this sharing for students and teachers enrolled in your classroom.

Sometimes you need to share a document outside of Google Classroom. The sharing options in Google Docs allow you to share a document directly with anyone. You can get a link that allows you to share a document using 1 of these 3 choices: "Anyone Can view", "Anyone Can Comment", or "Anyone Can Edit". You can also share with specific users. Click here to learn more about Google sharing settings.

There are also several shortcuts that allow the owner of a document to have anyone who clicks on the link to either make a copy, display as a template, or preview the document.

Click on each of the links below to see the different options.

Here's how you can force a copy or preview of a Google Document.
1. Make sure the document is not private. It must be a viewable document. ("Anyone with link can view" or "Public on the web."

2. Click on the Share and the shareable link will appear in a popup window. If you copy the link it will look like this:

3. If you want to share the link and force users to make a copy, you just need to modify the shareable link. Delete the end of the link up to the forward slash (/). Then type the word copy at the end of the link so that it looks like this:

4. You can also give users the option to see the document as a template. This would allow them to preview the document and choose to make a copy.

5. You can do the same thing if you just want them to see a preview of the document in their browser without the Google Drive menu bar. This would look like this:

6. Google Slides allows you to share presentations that open automatically in the Presentation View. Simply replace the end of the sharing url with the word present. It would look like this:

7. Recently the newest update to Google Docs allows the owner to create a copy that includes comments. This is a great way to include additional resources or directions for your students. Replace the end of the url with /copy?copyComments=true

8. Share the link in an email or on a website. You can even use a URL shortener with the link to get the same results.

Here is a quick screenshot of the process of changing the url. Let us know if you have any questions or additional shortcuts in the comments below.

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