The Power of Teacher Collaboration - Google + HyperDoc Community

Last week I shared some of the incredible resources connected to HyperDocs by incredible educators who love to share and collaborate. Teachers are sharing some awesome HyperDocs on the Teachers Give Teachers Site, Facebook, Padlet, Google +, and Google Drive. 

Exploring Additional Resources Connected to HyperDocs

Today I want to focus on the power of Google + Communities. Google + has become one of my favorite places to collaborate with educators around the world. With the blessing of the HyperDoc Girls, 6 months ago we created a community to support HyperDocs on Google +. 

Here are some reasons why I believe our HyperDoc Google + Community is a great place to explore and collaborate.
  • HyperDocs can be categorized by content area.
  • A public view link can be shared. This means that you are not just looking at a copy that could quickly become outdated. (If you want to learn more about link sharing, please visit this post.) 
  • The shared HyperDocs are secure and can only be removed by the owner of the post or the moderators of the community. 
  • Google + Communities are searchable. I think I heard something about Google knowing search?
  • Each link to a HyperDoc will include a nice visual preview of the HyperDoc. 
  • The posts can include a description or a question. This is a great way to provide the viewer with a quick snapshot of the HyperDoc. 
  • Viewers can comment on the posts or respond to questions. (This is my favorite feature! - Collaboration is awesome!)
  • Members of the community can receive notifications when a new post or response is added.
We did not create this community to compete with or replace any of the other great ways educators are sharing HyperDocs. We just wanted one more resource for educators to share and collaborate. The bottom line is that if you have something to share connected to HyperDoc find the place that works best for you, but please find that place to share!

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