Curiosity Question of the Week - What Would You Change? Why?

Questions Are More Important Than Answers!

If you have been reading my blog over the last several years, you know that most of the posts typically focus on either EdTech resources or classroom reflections. Last week a was inspired to start exploring something new. Long story short I am hoping to inspire readers to explore a new question each week. These are not educational questions but instead, questions that I hope will spark conversations. I am also hoping some of the questions will inspire new questions as part of the process. You can learn more about how and why I started in this post

The question last week.

If you could only listen to one musical group for the rest of your life, who would it be? Why?

This question led to some great questions and some fun discussions/debates on why each of us made the choices we made. I've posted my answer on Twitter using the hashtag #CurioistyQs.

Here is the question for this week. It is a big one and might require some pondering.

If you had the power change only one single thing about this world, what would you change? Why?

Each Tuesday I will share a question that I hope will inspire you to share your thoughts and maybe explore something new. Please share your answer and your why in the comments below or using the Hashtag #CuriosityQs

If you have a great question that I can ask, please DM me on Twitter. Full credit will be given for all questions that I share that are not my own. 

I don't want to bias your choices so I will share my exploration and final answer and why in the comments on Friday. 

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