Friday, July 6, 2018

Service Learning and Empathy Resources

I recently had the opportunity to complete an Empathy and Service-Learning Course through EdTechTeam Online. I am sharing this post to reflect on the experience and share the classroom resources we created. Hopefully, there is something here that you can use. 

Course Objective: Service learning is a form of experiential education in which students engage in, and reflect on, activities that address human and community needs. Many teachers integrate new technologies into instruction with the goal of making the learning more meaningful, motivating, and rooted in the personal interests of students as we develop empathetic and action-oriented students.

My Reflections
  • While I’ve always believed that empathy and service learning are important, I’ve never put much thought into the how and the what we do as a school to support concepts and activities connected to empathy and service learning. I’ve learned a great deal about what my school and other schools are doing through our research and discussions. We are doing great things, but I think we could be doing more to support our students and communities.
  • I plan to start next year by building an organized collection of what we are doing across our building. I hope to encourage educators and students to share how they serve. I will also share our Empathy and Service Learning HyperDoc with our Instructional Leadership Team. I hope that it can be incorporated into our Freshman Advisory Program
  • Engaging students in different perspectives has always when an important part of teaching environmental science. We always talk about perspective and recognizing that everyone has different worldviews as we explore environmental issues. We also share several environmental service opportunities as optional enrichment for our students.
  • I have never organized a year-long empathy or service learning plan. I’ve realized that I am not doing enough for my students connected to empathy and service learning. I plan to incorporate our activity and a year-long service project into our curriculum next year. I also plan to incorporate more empathy videos into our Friday classroom video series.
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below?

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