Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Growing With Google Part 1 - My Favorite Free Google Training Resources

I know that great teachers and sound pedagogy will always trump the power of EdTech, but I also know that the right tool at the right time can enhance the learning experience for both teachers and students.  

Google has become my partner in almost everything I do that is connected to my teaching and learning experience. The foundation of my teaching and learning philosophy is built on the 4 Cs of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creating. Google has done more than any digital resource I've ever worked with in my 25 years of teaching to support the development of these essential skills connected to my content. 
Recently I was inspired to revisit some of the resources we've explored in the past connected to G Suite for Education. As I explore and reflect, I am going to share my learning in a series of blog posts connected to Google for Education.  My main purpose in this new series of Wednesday Google Posts will be to share my recent explorations connected to G Suite for Education. 

Today am start from the beginning with several free web resources that can help anyone explore the power of G Suite connected to teaching and learning.


Google Applied Digital Skills Curriculum G Suite Training Collection - Collection of online lessons that anyone can use to engage in essential digital skills while learning more about the tools G Suite has to offer. This resource is a collection of some of the digital skills lessons connected to the G Suite Training Exams. 


Google for Education Teacher Training - Fundamental and Advanced training modules to support strategies to effectively integrate Google into classrooms. The site also includes training resources for different Devices, CS First, Digital Citizenship, Tools for Diverse Learners, and more. I love this site because it connects the how and the why of Google for Education to the learning experience. 


Google for Education Transformation Center - Explore real examples from school leaders and learn from their successes. You’ll find hundreds of ideas, best practices, guides, and templates. I've always believed that exploring what other schools and teachers are doing can lead to some new inspirations for my students and me. 


Up next will be Chromebook Resources, then some of our favorite Premium Google Training Resources and Trainers, followed by Books connected to Google, then I'll share some of our favorite Googly blogs, and I'll try to wrap it all up with some of the Google resources and posts we've created connected to the awesome that is the G Suite. I'll also expect to add a few more post topics connected to Google before this is all done. 

I'll have the next Googly Awesomeness post up next Wednesday.

Bonus: Always remember that if you are looking for how to use many of the resources connected to G Suite for Education, just click on the awesome G Suite Training Icon in the right corner of most of the G Suite resources. 

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