Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Growing With Google Part 3 - Premium Training Resources

2 weeks ago I started my G Suite for Education refresh with 3 free Google training resources to educators and students in this post. Last week I revisited some great resources focused on Chromebooks in this post. Today I wanted to share some of our favorite paid resources to support teacher's using technology in the classroom.


EdTech Team Online Learning for Educators - Flexible Online Learning for Educators that includes On Demand PD Courses, Teacher Leader Cohorts, Google Certified Educator Courses, and books studies. I personally have completed all of the Teacher Leader classes and they were all great learning experiences.


ShakeUp Learning Courses - Kasey Bell, author of Shake Up Learning regularly updates a series of incredible courses connected to some great Google topics, including Google Certifications, Google Classroom, Google Slides, and Google Tips & Tricks


simpleK12 Professional Development in Your Pajamas - Collection of online video training resources connected to a large catelog of EdTech topics. Google courses include Google Basics, Google Intermediate, and Google Chromebooks. 

Up next will be some of our favorite books connected to Google. I'll then share some of our favorite Googly blogs, and I'll try to wrap it all up with some of the Google resources and posts we've created connected to the awesome that is the G Suite. I'll also expect to add a few more post topics connected to Google before this is all done as I explore G Suite. 

I'll have the next Googly Awesomeness post up next Wednesday.

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