Friday, May 3, 2019

Essential Picture Books for Teachers, Parents, and Learners

Picture books can be a great way to engage students in lessons connected to essential skills that all students need today and tomorrow.  

I use two picture books as part of my Environmental Science curriculum. I love the connections we make in class to The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. My high school seniors are also mesmerized when I pull out the book and read it to them.

I also have three picture books on display stands in my office to remind me that no matter how many times I fail there is always a reason to keep moving forward. These never fail to inspire me and I think they are a nice reminder for everyone who comes in that I value essentials skills even more than I value content or technology. 
If you've followed this blog or me, you know that I am always looking for new books to help grow as a learner and a teacher. I am always reading, organizing, and sharing recommended books for teachers on this site, but I've never thought about books that can be used with students. 

A few days I was inspired by several events I attended connected to digital citizenship to start exploring books for students connected to digital literacy and digital citizenship. I quickly discovered how many amazing books have been written that I've never had the chance to read. My initial focus on digital citizenship expanded a bit as I started organizing these books in a Padlet.

Padlet of Picture Books for Teachers and Learners

I think there are already more than 50 books organized in 15 different categories. 

I hope to find some time to visit our local library to read some of the books I discovered. I hope the librarians are ok with an adult man sitting in the children's section reading, otherwise, you might be reading about me in the local police reports. 

If you have a favorite that I've missed, please consider adding it to the comments below. 

Special thanks go to Al Davenport, Jennifer Zurawski & Keith Schroeder for being a big part of the inspiration for the creation of this resource.


  1. Mine is here:

    1. Thanks Keith! Your padlet was part of what inspired me to dive into this. Happy Friday!

  2. Thanks Steve for always inspiring me to look at new ideas for my students. Can't wait to look at some of these for next year.

  3. Hi, Steve! I like the picture books curated here on the #geniushour / #20time LiveBinder:
    Thank you for sharing all of these - the more, the better!

  4. I love to start each year in writing workshop with The Best Story by Elieen Spinelli.


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