Capturing Student Reflections in Google Slides - The Power of Exit Slips

"Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful." Margaret J. Wheatley

Exit slips or exit tickets are a type of formative assessment that can help both teachers and students reflect on the learning process. Students respond to a question the teacher asks at the end of class or activity. I also believe these reflective student experiences can help cement key concepts for all learners. When the teacher reads or discusses the responses there is also tremendous value for the teacher to learn and grow..

The web is full of tools that support communication and formative assessment. Today I want to share 3 resources that work with Google Slides that support quick and easy exit slips, including the Pear Deck Add-on for Slides, The Poll Everywhere Extension for Google Slides, and the Google Slides Q and A Presenter Tool. 

This free Pear Deck Google Slides Add-on allows teachers to add a variety of different question types directly into Google Slides.

I use the "Reflection Slide" several times a week with my students.
You can explore step by step instructions to get the Pear Deck Add-on setup here.

The Poll Everywhere Extension allows teachers to add a variety of interactive questions into slides without ever leaving the presentation.

Learn more about using the Poll Everywhere Extension here.

The Q and A features are built into Google Slides for presenters. It is designed to allow viewers to ask questions and it has the unique feature of allowing viewers to vote up or down the questions. This could easily be adapted as an exit slip tool. Instead of students asking a question, they can use this tool to reflect on the learning and explore the responses of their classmates.

Learn more about Google Slides Q & A here.

Additional Resources Connected to Exit Slips and Google Slides

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