What Are Your Favorite Formative Assessment Tools, Web Resources, and Books?

You Don't Know What You Don't Know and Sometimes You Don't Know What You Know!

For me, formative assessment is an essential tool or maybe I should say part of my philosophy connected to how I teach and how my students learn. Without frequent and effective formative assessment my students and I have a difficult time following a learning path. Formative assessment is my GPS unit, if I am lost or make a wrong turn, it is there to get me back on track.
We are working on updating some of our assessment resources connected to teaching and learning and I am looking for some help from my PLN. In particular, I am looking for books, EdTech resources, and websites connected to formative assessment.

Here is a bit of what we have so far. I hope you will considering sharing additional resources or ideas in the comments below. You can also send me a message on Twitter

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