Wednesday, July 11, 2018

New Premium Option for ClassHook's Popular TV and Movie Clips

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A few months ago I discovered and began to explore ClassHook for the first time. I was quickly hooked!

The ClassHook Site has collections of clips from popular television shows and movies. The videos are organized by subject and topic. The site also has great pedagogical resources with ideas and resources connected using video in the classroom. You will need to signup before exploring the site directly, but it is free to signup.

ClassHook is still free, but they recently announced a Premium option that I think is worth exploring. You can still use Classhook for free, but there are some nice advantages to ClassHook Premium.
  • Premium users can filter clips by Decade and Standards in a search.
  • There is a new option to browse clips by standard alignments. 
  • Premium users can now discover playlists created by other educators.
  • Premium users can invite other educators to collaborate on playlists. (The collaborators do not need to upgrade to Premium to collaborate.)
  • While all clips have subtitles, premium users have the ability to request that a human perfects the subtitles on up to 15 clips a year.
  • Premium users get priority support when requesting new clips. 
If you are using ClassHook, I recommend exploring the advantages of ClassHook Premium. Click here to see a detailed breakdown of features and costs. If you are interested in a district or school purchasing plan, you can contact ClassHook with this form. 

Learn more about ClassHook and Explore Some of their clips on the ClassHook YouTube Channel

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