Video and Audio Resources for Remote Learning Experiences

A flipped classroom is a type of blended learning where students are introduced to content at home and practice working through it at school. This is the reverse of the more common practice of introducing new content at school, then assigning homework and projects to completed by the students independently at home. In this blended learning approach, face-to-face interaction is mixed with independent study–usually via technology. In a common Flipped Classroom scenario, students might watch pre-recorded videos at home, then come to school to do the homework armed with questions and at least some background knowledge. (Teach Thought)

The idea of flipped learning can also be applied to support students in the event of an eLearning day. Videos and audio recordings can be used to engage students in learning experiences outside of the classroom. These recordings can be simple introductions to a topic or complete learning experiences for students connected to classroom content. Most of the resources on this document are geared towards laptops or Chromebooks, but many also have mobile apps.

Recommended Video and Screencasting Resources

  • Adobe Spark Videos - Create presentations or stories in and quick and easy to use interface. Adobe Spark videos even allow for quick voiceovers and embedding of videos. Learn more about Adobe Spark connected to Educator Accounts here
  • Flipgrid - Educators create grids with topics and students respond with recorded videos to discuss. Teachers can record a video from their camera, record using a whiteboard, or upload and discuss graphics.  Learn more about Flipgrid here
  • Padlet - Padlet is a great place to share resources with students. Audio and video posting features include capturing video from your camera, recording audio from your microphone, and recording your screen. Learn more about Padlet here
  •  WeVideo - Create a screencast of an existing presentation or visually share are a resource with students. Learn more about WeVideo Screen Recording here
  • Google Hangouts Meet - You can present your entire screen or a specific window in a meeting to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. Learn more about presenting with  Hangouts Meet here
Additional Video and Audio Resources
One doesn’t always need to reinvent the wheel. Use existing videos to engage students outside of the classroom. 
  • Khan Academy for Educators - Written and video tutorials on math, humanities, and more. 
  • YouTube - Embed YouTube Videos in Google Slides Template - Use Google Slides to engage students in exploring and interacting with existing YouTube Video Resources. 
  • TED-Ed - Browse hundreds of TED-Ed animations - short, award-winning videos that will spark the curiosity of your learners. You'll also find thousands of other video-based lessons organized by the subjects you teach.
  • Mic Note - Audio recorder and notepad.
  • Soundtrap - With Soundtrap you make music or podcasts online.
  • Voki - Voki that lets you: Create customized avatars, Add voice to your Voki avatars, and Post your Voki to any blog, website, or profile.
  • Blabberize - Blabberize is a very easy application that allows you to speak through a picture. 
  • Vocaroo -Intuitive and easy-to-learn voice recorder that allows recordings to be embedded, downloaded, or linked elsewhere.
We've included some additional audio and video resources in this document.

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