Have You Explored Curipod AI? - Amazing Interactive Lesson Creation Resource

I recently connected with a new Artificial Intelligence Resource that looks pretty interesting. I know that AI has come a hot topic with educators since ChatGPT arrived. Today, I wanted to share this as an example of and AI resource that I think could be really become a powerful tool for teachers.

In a bind for a quick lesson, maybe a teacher is absent and the sub plans can’t be found? 

All you need is a topic or a question and you have a great interactive lesson in moments for the students with CuripodUse polls, wordclouds, open questions, drawings and Q&A to capture the student voices. Educators can also make their own slides in Curipod, or upload an existing presentation

 Here is a sample from my Envrionmenal Earth Class.

  • I asked the question, “What is Sustainable Farming?” and in a few moments the AI created this activity.
Here are a few resource to learn more about Curipod.

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