Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Where Are Your Favorite Places to Find and Share HyperDocs?

HyperDocs are powerful frameworks for teaching and learning. HyperDocs are also meant to be shared and remixed with credit. The best educators create HyperDocs for their students and then share them with other educators. 

We've organized some of our favorite places for HyperDoc Templates and Sample HyperDocs that can be remixed in this document.
There are many great places to share and explore HyperDocs. Here are six of our favorites. 

Twitter is another great resource for finding and sharing Hyperdocs. Here are some of the popular hashtags connected to HyperDocs. 
Want to learn more about HyperDocs? Please explore some of additional posts to learn more. 
If you have a favorite place to share HyperDocs or have a question about HyperDocs, please post in the comments below. 

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