Thursday, June 14, 2018

Curiosity Question of the Week - What Colors Would You Choose If There Were Only 2?

Last week's question had some great responses.

If you were able to share one thing that is an essential component of you being you, what would you share? What makes you, uniquely you?

This week's question may not seem as deep on the surface, but you may need to take some time for to consider to how your choice impacts the impressions you will make on the world around you.

You’ve won a contest and your complete wardrobe will be provided and updated for the next 10 years. The catch is you are only allowed to choose 2 colors. That's two colors for everything you wear for the next 10 years. Which 2 colors would you choose to wear every day? What does your color choices say about you? 

Please share your answer and your why in the comments below or using the Hashtag #CuriosityQs. Each Tuesday I will share a new question that I hope will inspire you to share your thoughts and maybe explore something new.

If you have a great question that I can ask, please DM me on Twitter. Full credit will be given for all questions that I share that are not my own.

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